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You guys have cut our health insurance premiums substantially while providing us better coverage. I couldn't have asked for a better deal!
- Maurice Hamilton Jr.

I would like to thank you guys for helping me get my auto insured. I now feel protected. Great offering, competitive pricing, excellent service!
- - Eddie Foster, San Leandro, CA

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Home Owners' Insurance

Have you taken a lot of pressure to build your dream home? Satisfied with the way it has turned out to be? Wait- there is one more step required to complete your dream of owning a lovely home. Well, we are talking of the homeowner's insurance. A much taken for granted yet equally important part of owning a home, you must get an insurance before anything else.

However, most of you must be confused about getting hands on the best insurance plans for your home. Worry no more—we offer a detailed list of all plans for home insurance along with comparative analysis of the schemes proffered by the many insurance companies across the country. Here is a sneak peek into the coverage limit that the best home insurance plans have up their sleeve:

  • Damage to the tangible aspects of the home
  • Personal property coverage
  • Damage caused by fires, water and smoke
  • Robbery and theft protection
  • Coverage for injury afflicted on individuals on the property premises
  • Unique coverage for contingencies like floods and natural calamities in high risk home areas

We do not make claims about being better than the others; we can simply commit to offer you:

  • Quick insurance processing
  • Valuable tips
  • Aiding in selection of custom plans

Give us a call or simply fill up the contact form and we at WCM Insurance shall get back to you.

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